Fr. Herman Falke


Sculpted Landscapes Inspired by Quebec Painters


Quebec painters of rural homesteads,

from Krieghoff to Gagnon and others who often worked in Charlevoix County,

have intrigued me so much recently that I borrow freely from their compositions for sculpted oval landscapes of my own. 


By doing so I pay respect to their warm human focus, which is usually absent in the work of the Group of Seven. 


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Glory of Canadian Picturesque Seasons



 Triptych of Port-au-Persil






Village against dark mountains and the dark St. Lawrence River


Baie St. Paul

With dark rock in background




After Krieghoff


After Krieghoff


After Clarence Gagnon




Charlevoix County is the unspoiled source of inspiration for the following seven winter landscapes.





Homestead in Winter



Wintertime fun







Hockey – Oops!


Hockey Dispute!



Spring is just around the corner




Sugar Shack


Eight Puffins on Rock Against Ocean Spray




Good ‘ole’ Summer Days






Skinny Dipping


Hibbs Cove, Newfoundland – Cleaning Fish






Bench with Lady and Three Guys





Northern Lights

Village Perce with

Dark Green Atlantic



Ted Sanders’ Hide-out


Rothenburg in N. Bavaria


Gypsy Caravan

- after Van Gogh



Our Most Colourful Season – Fall




Grey Horse beside

Log Rail Fence


“Que c’est beau, mon pays”






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