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Scripture Sculptures 


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Creation of the Stars


Sixth Day of Creation


Eve’s Remorse


Realizing Their Sin



   Noah’s Arkdetail of upper half > 





David Aghast at Having Killed Goliath




King Solomon’s Judgment





Jonah Struggling with God



Abraham Caught Between His Two Wives



The Three Young Men in the Oven



Jonah Ready for Rebirth







Tryptich of Christmas Events






Shepherds Visiting


Magi Visiting


Christmas Events





Jesus Tempted in Desert


Wedding at Cana





Twin Parables of Lost Coin and Lost Sheep





Prodigal Son


Jesus Visiting Martha and Mary





Storm on the Lake


Jesus Preaching from Peter’s Boat


Samaritan Woman


The Widow’s Pennies


“Lazarus come out!”


Raising the Only Son of Widow of Nain


Prostitute Anointing Jesus’ Feet


Parables of Good Samaritan and Ten Bridesmaids





Parable of Prodigal Son in five Scenes


Feeding the 5000


“Living Water”





Life of Mary




Tryptich of Calvary


Tryptich of Mary Magdalen





“Put your finger here Thomas.”


Resurrection and Pentecost




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“Scripture Sculptures”

 Covers the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation 


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