This is a closer view of the circle, you can see that we are facing on to one corner of the 'rectangular' shape. I have received some correspondence after posting to the SCI.ARCHAEOLOGY newsgroup about Bedd Arthur. So far no one knows very much more about it. One thing is clear though and that is the atmosphere of ambiguity that hangs around this monument's history, with scance mention in most of the ususal sources.

Bedd Arthur closer up.

Bedd Arthur, literally Arthur's Bed or Arthur's Grave, is one of several arthurian references in the local landscape. Down the valley from this spot (past Carn Arthur) stand the Stones of Arthur's Sons. To anyone not native to the British isles, it might seem an important clue worth following up that this spot is known as Arthur's grave but it is only one of a great many places where the legendary king is supposed to now rest. It is difficult to delve meaningfully into the history surrounding Arthur, for although it seems there was a notable chief who restored order to the anarchic Britain deserted by the Romans, the medieval writers who could have drawn on surviving historical documents chose rather to invent a more entertaining account of his life. Their writings are now ancient themselves and have clouded forever what the true story was.

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