This cute little circle is at map reference NY 060140, 2.5 kilometres to the south of the village of Ennerdale Bridge in the western lakes. It is made up of 11 stones set in a crude circle 17 metres across. It is mentioned by Thom as having possible moonset alignments, siting down the side of nearby Scree Hill. Drive out of the village going west, take the first left turn south and the circle is close to the road about 1 kilometre from the junction.

After crossing a cattle-grid (which is a steel grid in the road in place of a gate which has openings between the bars wide enough for a cow's hoof to slip into - thus discouraging them from crossing, but saving motorists from having to leave their cars to open and close a gate) the land either side of the road ceases to be enclosed, and the closely cropped turf (closer than any mowing machine could achieve on such uneven terrain) bears witness to the wild horses which freely roam this area. The stone circle is just a few paces from the roadside.

The view of Blakeley Raise from the road.

There is a nearby standing stone which I did not visit, with the impressive name of "the Great Stone of Blakeley", please E-mail me a picture of it if you are going that way.