About 100 metres away from Bratts Hill stone circle, lie a pair known by the name of White Moss.

The White Moss Circles seen from Bratts Hill

The eastern one (to the right in this photograph) is better preserved, but both have suffered with the years. The weather up at this spot must be quite unforgiving. On the spur of land across the picture in the middle distance lie two more circles, the Low Longrigg Pair. Unfortunately the weather descended on us in the menacing way it can do in the lakes, and cut short our search for the final two cicles. We did not find them on the first attempt though, so perhaps they are ruined and difficult to spot. On the other hand maybe we were looking in the wrong place....

We rushed down the mountain ony to discover we had dropped the car keys on the trackless hillside - I have had better moments.

Back to the stone circles anyway. I have a couple of closer shots of the White Moss pair on the next page. We did find the keys in the end :-)