When I was at the circle there was obviously some remedial work going on as the complex group of stones which forms a myserious structure on one side of the circle was fenced off with basket-work fences, and several other stones had been reseeded around their bases. It is a much-visited monument, in a high-rainfall part of the country so I suppose errosion of the turf from all the visitors is inevitable. Much has been written about Castlerigg, there are obvious solar alignments from the circle siting on prominent horizon features. It must have been quite awesome for our prehistoric builders to attend the sunrise from this spot. The mountains add a cathederal type atmosphere to the circle.

In all there are 38 stones in the circle (out of an original 42).

The stones of Castlerigg against the Cumbrian Mountains.

E-mail me with trivia on any other Cumbrian stone circles. Pictures of less well known ones would be particularly appreciated.