It is curious to contrast Dyffryn with its famous neighbour. The two sites could not be more different - OK well for the semantic pedants it might be possible to extend what I mean by 'more different' - yes very clever, see me after in detention... Back to the plot. Gors Fawr is so strikingly similar to the stone circles of Derbyshire I find it quite uncanny. Rounded boulders about 0.6 metres high, quite unimposing. They almost seem worn smooth by touch.

A close view of the circle

Dyffryn stone circle has no public signpost or little plaque. When I stumbled across it the first thought that came to mind was - this was a different type of circle. Either separate in age or purpose or built by different people I can't say but the angular, pillarlike, needles of stone are very different in character.