This is a little circle nestling under the wing of the Preseli Hills in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. These hills are the probable source of the bluestone which was used in the construction of an unusual stone circle in Wiltshire called Stonehenge. The circle is easily accessible and can be seen (but only just) from the small (category orange) road that passes the field in which it lies. The location next to the hills adds significantly to the drama of the place.

Take the tour, as we walk around each view in turn. Yes by the magic of the internet you too can be in south Wales though you may never have set foot outside of the small village you live in 30 km south of Ulam Batur.

Though as the following pictures betray, I chanced to be there on a fine sunny day, which was lucky as it was the only day free I had to visit the area on a trip to Wales from Deep River, Canada where I now make my home; to fully appreciate the Welsh experience you can always try moving your computer into the bathroom and browing these pages whilst standing in the shower, being sprayed with cold water to simulate the authentic Welsh climate. Enough of the cheap shots at the Welsh, I'd better stop before we get into sexual inuendos involving sheep.

I was first drawn to the circle by the attraction of the Preseli Mountains. They are a singular place, that I would recommend anyone to visit. As I hope is apparent from these pages I do not get any kind of mystic "kick" from stone circles, their attraction to me lies in the great age of the things. Civilisations have come and gone, forests grown and died, and they have stood through it all - amazing. Despite this lack of mystical experience from the circles, I feel a genuine atmosphere of something I cannot define about the Preselis. If you frequent stone circles for a spiritual experience you should try these mountains and let me know what you think.

The circle consists of sixteen stones in a rough circle of over 22 metres diameter. (Apologies to the purists I did not survey the site to get an accurate assessment of the shape; eliptical, egg type I or II etc. Each stone is between 0.3 and 0.7 metres tall. About 130 metres away lie two larger outliers. These are much larger than the stones of the circle itself (around 1.8 metres tall) and are erected 14 metres apart aligned to the NW midsummer sunrise. The siting from the circle through the outliers points towards the largest rocky outcrop of the Preselis. Was this where the stone for Stonehenge was dug? There is no answer to that question. The outliers are one of several pairs in the area, almost like entrance ways into the mountain region, there is no point in getting overly spooky about that but it is interesting to note. Burl notes that only one of the sixteen is bluestone - I was not able to tell which one.

Nearby is the Asherah craft shop and guest house, I have had no contact with the owners of this establishment but the stuff they have got for sale is good quality, and I bet they are a good evening's conversation if nothing else (it all depends how serious they are about the god they named their establishment after) so it could be worth looking them up if you travel a great distance and need to stop over somewhere. If you read this, and it's you I'm talking about, e-mail me your feelings on the canibalistic practices of your chosen deity.