Once you've left the car on the grass verge next to the iron fence you can enter the field where the circle lies through a little pedestrian gate, of the kind that swings within a small fenced quadrant allowing only one person through at a time. This is the view immediately in front of you looking over the scubby grass, dotted with stubborn occurences of gorse, with clumps of rushes in the boggier bits. You are looking roughly northwest with the Preselis forming the backdrop.

View into field where the Gors Fawr circle lies

You can just about make out one of the easternmost stones in the centre of view, slightly below the image of a distant white farmhouse. We can go up to that farm in a bit if you want to there is a Pair of Standing Stones right in front of it.

The section of the Preselis visible here are the central part. The peak in centre view is Foel Feddau. It has an ancient cairn on its top at 467 metres.