Now you've reached the to outliers. This view is facing NNE, Carn Menyn can just be seen in the left of the shot. This is not the view The ground around the bases of each outlier has been quite undermined but they still seem stable enough, makes you wonder how deep they are embedded. It is typical for half to a third of the stone to be below ground.

The two large outliers, viewed from close up

Thom records two solar alignments from this sight for the midsummer sun rise and the midwinter sunset. The only detail I have past that is from someone else's book but I understand that alignment is between the outliers, not from the circle to the outliers, which sounds odd. The two stones do not seem far enough apart for any reasonable accuracy of the observation. Around the solstices the position of sun rise/set is changing very little each day so small changes have to be visible to determine when the sun rise/set happens at the most extreme point. This is the only pair of standing stones near to the circle but there are quite a few other pairs in the area all around the Preselis.