This is the view looking along the edge of the pointed stone, past the two outliers, and beyond to the slopes of the Preselis.

Carn Menyn, is clearly lined up in the line of site we have chosen, and contrary to all adherents to the Ley Line school of thought, this could mean absolutely nothing. Of course it could always be that this is the explanation for the existence of the circle in the first place, are you sitting comfortably?.....

The siting from the pointed stone through
the two outliers.

After the precious bluestone had been taken from the hillside (at the most accessible place where large amounts of rock protruded to the surface - Carn Menyn) the blocks hauled down the hill and across the plain below. Not much progress had been made, with the quarry still in sight behind them, when tragedy struck. One of the large stones was dragged over a member of the crew, crushing him. Although he did not die straight away it was clear he would not survive. The leader, whose ability to talk with the earth, it's plants animals and very stones had led them to the bluestone in the first place, immediately saw that this event required propitiation. Accordingly a circle of stones was erected at the spot, and two large outlying stones placed to indicate the precious quarry. Here the leader gave the man's life to the spirits of that place in exchange for the stone they had taken. No more loss of life occurred for the remainder of the journey home.

At least that is what Elvis told me in a dream.