Lacra is a site on a shelf of land high above the village of Kirksanton on the Cumbiran coast. The hillside is known as Lacra Bank, which has a notch called Giant's Chair halfway down it. On the top of Lacra bank by a ruined farm at a spot known as Great Knott, are no less than four (or possibly five) stone circles, and several stone rows.

Lacra A looking N

These two pictures are of the ruinous Lacra A. It is the first circle you come to after walking east from the abandoned farm. There are rocks scattered on the grassy slopes and this circle is only one notch down the scale of general entropy from the random boulders.

Lacra A looking NE

South from this point, lies Lacra B, and Lacra D is further east, a few metres over the low ground in the right of this picture. In common with several other circles in this area, the position commands great views out over the sea. But why such a concentration of circles should be here? No one knows. There are no signs of central burials like the five close set circles on Burn Moor, so no answers there.