the giant's grave from near Lacra B This picture looks out from Lacra D looking round to the east, out over the Irish sea to the Isle of Man. In the centre of the picture, alongside a stone wall crossing the shot, you can make out two fingers of stone. These are known as the Giant's Grave. I was not stood at Lacra B to take this pic, and I cannot make out if the shadow on the horizon is the Manx Island, so no alignment theories can be based on this limited information (I must apologise).

Here my mate Phil, who I had dragged round some of the most desparately dull circles in Cumbria, bravely poses by the taller of the two stones in the Giant's Grave. It was a *great* day out (apart from the thing with the car keys, which I have already forgotten about). :-) One of the two stones (& Phil)

The Giant's Grave

Here the two stones are seen against the hedge and gate. Slender slabs of local rock, a portal into another dimaension? A support for a house roof? A gatepost built to last? An astronomical pointer from Lacra to the Isle of Man?

We may never know.