I spent a very long, but superlatively enjoyable day with a good friend of mine, Phil, going around the southern coast of the Lake District in search of stone circles listed by map reference in Burl's gazeteer of 1974, but which I had seen no pictures or accounts of anywhere else.

Some of the places we visited are now barely recognisable as stone circles, others are still awe inspiring.

Ash-House Wood Stone Circle.

The Beacon a ruined circle.

Blakeley Raise Stone Circle.

Bratts Hill stone circle on Burn Moor.

Castlehowe Stone Circle.

The Castlerigg Stone Circle.

The Druid's Temple.

The Giant's Grave pair, near Lacra.

The Kirk Stone Circle.

The Lacra complex.

Long Meg and her Daughters (as well as the nearby circle of Little Meg).

Mayburgh Henge.

Oddendale Stone Circle.

Swinside, stone circle.

The two White Moss stone circles on Burn Moor.

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