It's yet another case of the good lord righteously smiting a gathering of godless women dancing provocatively (probably showing a bit of ankle too) on a Sunday, turning them to stone to remain forever a lesson to similar minded flighty females. It must have been a bitch living during the 1,000 years of the superstitious and bizarrely mutated christianity prevalent in the middle ages

Old mother Meg and a few of her children, 
against the skyline.

This shot shows well the large variation in size in the stones making up the circle (the daughters) and Long Meg, overseeing the carnal dancing a little distance from the circle's edge. At 109 by 93 metres across, it is one of the very largest circles in existance. Long Meg is a slender sandstone pillar of over 3.6 metres. There are carvings on the face away from the circle but I have not got pictures. She indicates the position of midwinter sunset (a fearful sight to prehistoric people) when viewed from the circle's centre.

E-mail me with trivia on any other Cumbrian stone circles. Pictures of less well known ones would be particularly appreciated.