Not far up the road from Long Meg and her Daughters is a second site with a related name but far less impressive and neglected by the common tourist. Little Meg is a small circle, that seems to have been moved to the edge of a field to make cultivation of the area more easy. It hardly resembles a stone circle at all, but historical records tell us it has been here out of living memory. The picture below shows you what to expect as you approach it along the edge of the field from the gate.

The view as you approach Little Meg

Little Meg circle (also known as the Maughanby circle) has been quite altered from its original form, as a dozen or more stones forming a kerb around a central burial mound. There are plough marks on one of the larger remaining stones which indicate it was looked at as an inconvenience and not much more, before being shoved to one side by a nameless farmer. A stone with quite elaborate markings has been removed from the circle to a museum in Carlisle. One carved stone still remains, I have a close up picture of that on another page. Of the Cumbrian circles, only Long Meg and Little Meg have carvings.

E-mail me with trivia on any other Cumbrian stone circles. Pictures of less well known ones would be particularly appreciated.