When you get close though you are rewarded by the surprise that Little Meg holds..... One of the stones, the one to the right of the tallest stone as you approached, is carved with a double pattern. A series of concentric circles, and a similar sized spiral adjacent to each other. This increases the feeling of age to me. It is one thing to imagine people setting stones in a circle 4,000 years ago but after all they are not too different to plain boulders (particularly not these little things - the pillars of a Wiltshire circle are much more obviously man made) this on the other hand makes me marvel as a think of human hands chipping away the rock to leave a mark that I look at and ponder the significance of, perhaps five millennia after it was first made.

A 4,000 year old spiral

If you get to Long Meg, it is well worth the extra ten minutes it takes to travel to this delightful site while you are in the area.

E-mail me with trivia on any other Cumbrian stone circles. Pictures of less well known ones would be particularly appreciated.