These pages cover a selection of megalithic sites across the country. The emphasis is to bring to the web, images and text about the more obscure circles and standing stones. Stone circles do not need to be jazzed up to make them some of the most fascinating places in the world. Many are decrepit lumps of moss-grown rock difficult to find amongst the damp scrub. Their very ordinariness adds to their wonder. These things have stood, circles of rocks buried end-up in the ground, for more than 4,000 years......


The photographs on this site are intended to give a feel for the prehistoric sites themselves. They are not small. I have endeavoured to make them quick to load, but they may not fit in your browser window, if you have a low-resolution monitor (less than 800 x 600). Please feel free to save any pictures by clicking on them with the right mouse button, and viewing them later in a graphics application or on paper.

The stone circles and standing stones you can see and read about on these pages divide into a number of groups. I toured around the OTHER stone circles of Wiltshire, the ones which aren't Stonehenge and Avebury, with Chris and Andy in spring '98. Some of those are desperately sad, which is odd in light of the fact that the two most famous circles are so close by.

The same spring I also took a tour round the OTHER stone circles of the southern Lake District, with another mate, Phil. That includes some prime examples such as Swinside and some virtually invisible sites as well.

I have expanded the sites listed in Dyfed. There are quite a few stone circles and rows in the area around the Preseli hills.

There are also some individual bits and bobs, which are on their own. The complete list of sites which can be seen on these pages is:

Ash-House Wood Stone Circle in Cumbria.

The Beacon in Cumbria, a ruined circle but a beatiful spot.

A Mysterious Welsh stone circle known as Bedd Arthur.

Blakeley Raise Stone Circle (an out of the way but well preserved circle).

Bratts Hill stone circle on Burn Moor.

The Broadstones, a now destroyed circle near Malborough, Wiltshire.

Castlehowe Stone Circle in Cumbria.

The Castlerigg Stone Circle (one of the most famous circles in Britain).

The now ruined Coate Stone Circle, near Swindon.

The Cwm Garw Standing Stones.

The Devil's Arrows (a line of three huge standing stones).

The Druid's Temple Stone in Lancashire.

Dyffryn stone circle in the Preseli Hills.

The sad tribute to Falkner's Circle near Avebury.

The Giant's Grave a large pair of standing stones, near Lacra.

Gors Fawr Stone Circle in the Preseli hills.

The Grubstones Stone Circle in West Yorkshire.

The Kirk Stone Circle in Cumbria.

The complex of circles and rows at Lacra in Cumbria.

The secluded circle of Langdean Bottom in Wiltshire.

Long Meg and her Daughters (as well as the nearby circle of Little Meg).

The enormous Mayburgh Henge, by the River Eden in Cumbria.

The Meayll Hill, circle on the Isle of Man.

The Meini Gwyr, now sadly ruinous.

Moel Ty Uchaf, a beautifully sited circle.

Oddendale Stone Circle (a curious pair of concentric circles).

The Parc y Meirw stone row, which allegedly sites on a mountain across the irish sea.

The Devil's Quoits Stone Circle (destroyed in the war but currently being re-erected).

The Rudston Monolith (the tallest standing stone in Britain).

The marvellous Swinside, stone circle.

Torhousekie, stone circle.

The ruined Tre’r Dryw Bach stone circle, now reduced to two HUGE gateposts.

The Twelve Apostles Stone Circle in West Yorkshire.

The Tyfos Stone Circle in North Wales.

The ruined Circle of Waun Mawr.

The two White Moss stone circles on Burn Moor.

The last traces of Winterbourne Bassett near Avebury.

I also have a web site dealing exclusively with the Stone Circles of Derbyshire.

The contents of these pages are freely available for anyone's use (except where I have had material donated from friends and well-wishers, which may be copyright of the donor) credit me ifyou like. I'll appreciate it if you do, but won't care if you don't.

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