The banks of this henge once enclosed a stone circle. Over the years it has been demolished however, and now all that remains is the single 2.8 metre stone senn in my two pictures. Below you can see the top half of the stone framed in the entranceway through the surrounding bank. Nearby is the more celebrated "King Arthur's Round Table", also a hnge but one where the encircling ditch is more prominent than the bank. The Round Table has been encroached on by the widening of the nearby road however, and had a coffee shop added so I avoided it on principle. Down the side road adjacent to the Round Table, Mayburgh Henge can be found adjacent to a slip road. There is no coffee shop.

The entrance to the Maybugh Henge.

William Stukeley recorded some of the stone circle's destruction in 1725 when he tells us the stones "were blown to pieces with gunpowder". Camden, writing earlier, says that there were four stones standing in the centre of the henge and a further four lining the entrance way pictured above. Whether the site had already been vandalised at that point cannot be known. It is possible those four were the remnants of circle.

E-mail me with trivia on any other Cumbrian stone circles. Pictures of less well known ones would be particularly appreciated.