Thanks a lot Ruth for the information and photos of this circle out on the Isle of Man. Her father Peter Kenyon, took the photos in a Manx gale in July 1998 while on holiday playing trains with the Isle of Man Steam Railway.

The ring stands near a hill summit at SC189677 overlooking Port Erin harbour on the West of the Isle of Man looking towards Ireland (Erin = Ireland). From the Southwest some of the uprights are so visible, even from the sea, that fishermen take a sight from its stones in line with the Calf Sound to guide them to one of the fishing grounds they got to catch herring to make the famous Manx kippers.

Meayll Hill - Isle of Man

It is not actually only a stone circle more a mixture of a circle and burial mounds, it is a series of burial chambers set in a ring its stones having been badly ransacked for walling. It does however merit a place on this page as it intriguingly fuses the circular British stone circle with Irish T Shaped burial chambers and shows the mixing of different cultures so often appearing on the Island.