Oddendale circle is, according to its mnemonical name, an odd little circle. It is reached by driving down a side road leading to a farm and a quarry off the road going east from Shap on the A6. At the junction itself is a small, stone circle, marked on the map but about which I knew nothing else.....

The overlooked circle of Castlehowe Scar
It is not listed in Burl's 1995 gazetteer, but from all the trawling through other sources such as Burl 1974, I now know it to be Castlehowe Scar. The circle seems quite ruined, comprising a few large rounded boulders adjacent to a dry stone wall. I took a photograph which came out very dark, it was not my intended destination anyway, that lay another 2 kilometres down the side road.

A view of the Oddendale circle showing the 
inner and outer rings

I parked the car by the entrance to the farm (leaving plenty of manoeuvring space for cumbersome farm equipment to avoid me) and walked up the footpath that ascended to the edge of the patch of high ground. The stones of the circle stand almost level with the grass which made it difficult to make out when approaching from lower down the hill. I had wanted to visit this site because it was listed as a double concentric ring. The inner ring is quite ruined but can be seen in the picture above.