As this picture shows, there are two clear rings of stones, the inner ring seems quite disturbed. Once more there are the low stones I am familiar with from Derbyshire, and in this concentric ring, the thought strikes me that they could well have been used as seats for assembled elders in those prehistoric times. This double circle seemed particularly evocative of that use; with the inner circle of prime leaders surrounded by their deputies. I'll have to put that down as explanation #273, right next to the Elvis/Alien variations my friend Verlie seems so keen on.

A view of the Oddendale circle showing the 
inner ring more closely

This shot taken with my back to the sunset shows more of the inner circle, with the arcs of the outer circle visible at the extremities of the picture. An unusual circle, and not that exciting, but different to the eyes of anyone who has already seen a variety of designs of sites, so certainly worth visiting if this is not your first time out.