Moving around a little way back into the field this photo shows the shape of the top three stones very well. They are all thin flat slabs, set with their edges along the length of the sight line. The gate shows that they are all much taller than a person.

Three stones of Parc y Meirw

This final picture incorporates the forth stone in the row, much further along the hedge. The fifth is fallen and no lies embedded in the mossy wall below the hedge even further down the line. Thanks a lot to Chris for showing me round this and several other sites that day - it was a great pleasure and privelidge.

Parc y Meirw row, viewed from the side

One has to doubt (as Thom did himself) the accuracy with which any alignment could be made from thius site, even in a better state of repair in bygone days. Having said that, I suppose the whole point of a stone row using a mountain across the sea as its foresight is that it does not then need to have such accurately placed stones......