The staff at the Greenways site were very friendly and helpful. As it turned out they had only recently said goodbye to a team or archaeologists who had dug up a collection of mammoth bones and other stone age artefacts from the area, including a well preserved stone age hand axe.

An aerial view of the Devil's Quoits

On the aerial view of the site above, taken from the Greenways brochure, I have numbered the following points:

1. Where I parked - the site office and some buildings can be seen.

2. A large circular area, once the central area of the Devil's Quoits.

3. The location of three tall (2 metres or more) megaliths, embedded in the soil.

4. The location of two piles of smaller (less than 2 metres) megaliths.

Views of the features numbered on the aerial photograph above can be seen on the following pages.