The chap at the site office told me that there had been a stone circle in the area up until before the second war. The area all round had at that time been very flat, some feature of the sandy underlying geology I presume. Being flat it was considered the ideal location for an airforce base during the war so it was hastily made into an airfield.

That process involved levelling the ground over a wide area tarmaccing over the top. Unfortunately the Devil's Quoits, being one of the few perpendicular features present, had to go. The chap told me that they had dug a pit beside each stone, toppled the stone into it and then covered over the top with runway - (sobs!).

A down to earth view of the circular grassy area

He did add that there had been the beginning of a project to re-erect the circle but as far as he knew they were all still buried.

I made off for where he said the circle was - thinking I was mad to go and look at nothing. I appreciate him allowing me because there were a few interesting glimpses of the stones. The wide landscape photograph above is the view I got of the circular area originally enclosed by the stones. You can see it is roped off with a nominal barrier. My guess would be that the circle was about 60 metres across.