Once I got to the area where the stones had stood, the only clear indicator was the string around parts of the site, which the foreman had told me had been put up by the archaeologists to keep certain places from being disturbed. The photograph below shows three large megaliths, each over 2 metres tall, lying embedded in the ground.

Three large stones embedded in the earth

These were the only stones indicated to me by the staff of Greenways as belonging to the Devil's Quoits. Why they were here and not in their respective pits, as the chap in the office had described, I don't know. Maybe they were three outlying stones of the original circle. If anyone has sketches or plans of the original please E-mail me.

Two more piles of large stones

The photograph above is of two other piles of large stones nearby. They were partly roped off, but the rope had obviously been up for sometime and the elements had taken their toll leaving it less than a clear boundary indicator. There was not much otehr evidence of stones of this type in the general vicinity so these piles of stones stood out to me. I know the project to re-erect the circle is part way complete so I fancied that these were piles of the original megaliths.