The circle of Torhousekie stands at Ordinance Survey map reference NX383565 6 miles SSW of, 31/2 miles W of Wigtown alongside B733 from Wigtown to Kirkcowan. Thanks a *lot* to Ruth for this photo.

Torhousekie taken by Ruth Kenyon 1994

An oval circle of nineteen stones rising in height to the Southeast, standing on a man made platform of earth and small stones. Inside the circle and in a Southwest - Northeast line is a line of three boulders like a recumbent stone and two flankers as will be seen in other sites in Scotland. To the east on a hill (NX 384 565) are three stones in a row also on a Northeast - Southwest line, they are aligned to the Midwinter sunset. In the wall 20 yards (18m) east of the stone circle is a boulder with a deep oval hollow carved in it.