Here is one way to get to Tyfos. Leaving Corwen on the A5, travelling north westerly towards Bala, cross an old stone bridge over the Dee and then go straight ahead through some traffic lights. Turn left after about 1 km, immediately after crossing the next bridge, which is over the river Alwen. Go down this narrow road which has stopping places for vehicles to pass each other. Keep going for about 3 km, past several junctions, until you reach the T junction. Then turn right and follow the single track road (in a south westerly direction), passing Gwondl Bach farm on your left. After that you will enter a forested area beyond which, on the right is Tyfos Farm, a well kept white building. The Stone Circle is in the field, close to the road, on the right hand side, immediately past the Farm. There is a bit of road between the Farm and the forested area which is somewhat wider and can be used for parking.

The damp Tyfos vista

To an inexperienced eye, the Circle appears to be in a good condition. The stones host lichens and hence are attractively patterned. There is at least one stone inside the circle. When the Circle was visited in February 1999, the only sign of activity was a single mole hill.