Wiltshire! - home to Stonehenge and Avebury. Two of the most incredible ancient monuments in the world. This part of England is justly famous for its megalithic remains but that reputation rests almost entirely on those two sites.

There are several other stone circles in the area. On a recent holiday back to England I met up with a couple of other stones circle friends, and fellow webmasters, Andy Burnham and Chris Tweed, and we toured around the OTHER stone circles of Wiltshire.....

Warning, some of these are not quite as impressive as Stonehenge.

The Broadstones, a now destroyed circle near Malborough, Wiltshire.

Coate Stone Circle, near Swindon.

Falkner's Circle near Avebury.

Langdean Bottom a short distance from the Sanctuary.

Winterbourne Bassett north of Avebury.

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