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Apple Peeler
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Candy Apple Kits
Cherry Stoner
Fruit Corer
Fruit Dryer
Grain Mill
Sauce Maker
Strawberry Huller

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Farm Market Merchandise
Available at Wholesale Prices
Barkley's Apple Orchard is a family-owned business based in Eastern Ontario, Canada. We grow a variety of farm fresh fruits & vegetables, and we specialize in providing marketers across North America with high-quality products that enhance sales and profitability at the roadside and in market stalls. We offer our customers an opportunity to save money by purchasing farm market merchandise directly from our warehouse.



Apple Peeler/Slicer/Corer
(clamp base or suction base)


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Apple Slicer/Corer


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Candy Apple Kits
(not available in the U.S.)

Cherry Stoner
(suction base)
fruit dryer
  grain mill

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Strawberry Huller