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Species List for Card Backs

The following list denotes the various insects featured on cards and posters.

The Carol Singers

Shore Fly, Hydropyrus hians, Ephydridae, Diptera.
Robber Fly, Machimus mcalpinei, Asilidae, Diptera.
Marsh Springtail, Isotomurus palustris, Entomobryidae, Collembola.
Planthopper, Scolops sulcipes, Dictyopharidae, Homoptera.
Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa aestuans, Anthrophoridae, Hymenoptera.
Treehopper, Centrosus cornusus, Membracidae, Homoptera.
Long-horned Beetle, Tetraopes basalis, Cerambycidae, Coleoptera.
Burying Beetle, Necrophorus tomentosus, Silphidae, Coleoptera.
Blister Beetle, Lytta vesicatoria, Meloidea, Coleoptera.
Stink Bug, Podisus maculiventris, Pentatomidae, Coleoptera.
Dung Beetle, Phanaeus adonis, Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera.
Clear-winged Moth, Pennisetia marginate, Sesiidae, Lepidoptera.
Snout Beetle, Nylobius abietis, Curculionidae, Coleoptera.

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