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Species List for Card Backs

The following list denotes the various insects featured on cards and posters.

Millennium Bugs

The bugs shown from left to right are: a Spider Wasp (Pompilid), Episyron oregon, emerging from a computer screen to parasitise the European Cross Spider, Araneus diadematus. A Tachinid fly, Istocheta cinerea, (a major insect parasitoid in the Diptera), is poised to attack and lay its eggs on the thorax of an adult Japanese beetle, Popillia japonica. An Ichneumonid wasp, Ephialtes picticornis, has emerged to parasitise the caterpillar of the Obliquebanded Leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana, (an economically important insect pest of apples and other fruits).

The parasitoids and their hosts are all well established species, but such is not the case of the Starry sky beetle, (or Asian long-horned beetle) from China, depicted at the centre terminal. Reports out of New York and Chicago of heavy infestations of living and apparently healthy maple and other hardwood trees suggest a widespread invasion in 2000 unless quarantine agents are not vigilant at seaports and other points of entry. These beasts enter the country in wooden packing crates, usually in larval form.

Miscellaneous other pests include the Lygus bug, Blackfly, Sawfly larva, Termite, Dog tick, Rat flea, Powder-post beetle, Mosquito, Carpenter ant, Asparagus beetle and dermestid larva. The Ladybird beetle, the Dytiscid, the Damselfly and the Springtail are the only non-pests species depicted. Predaceous Diving Beetle, Dytiscus verticalis (Dytiscidae, Coleoptera); Manotick, Ont., Canada.

Seven-spotted Ladybird Beetle, Coccinella septempunctata (Coccinellidae, Coleoptera); Hove, U.K.
Toad Bug, Gelastocoris oculatus (Gelastocoridae, Hemiptera); Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A.
Monarch Butterfly (chrysalis), Danaus plexippus (Danaidae, Lepidoptera); Manotick, Ont., Canada.
Damselfly, Calopteryx maculata (Calopterygidae, Zygoptera); Frelighsburg, Que., Canada.
Asparagus Beetle, Crioceris asparagi (Chrysomelidae, Coleoptera); Manotick, Ont., Canada.
Carpenter Ant, Camponotus herculeanus (Formicidae, Hymenoptera); Manotick, Ont., Canada.
European Cross Spider, Araneus diadematus (Araneidae, Araneida); Nfld., Canada.
Spider Wasp, Episyron oregon (Pompilidae, Hymenoptera); Hayes, Alta., Canada.
Japanese Beetle, Popillia japonica (Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera); Riverton, New Jersey, U.S.A.
Tachinid Fly, Istocheta cinerea (Tachinidae, Diptera); Ardennes, France.
Asian Longhorn Beetle, Anoplophora glabripennis (Cerambycidae, Coleoptera); China.
Brown Dog Tick, Rhipicephalus sanguineus (Ixodidae, Acarina); Vermont, U.S.A.
Tarnished Plant Bug, Lygus lineolaris (Miridae, Hemiptera,); Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
Ichneumonid Wasp, Ephialtes picticornis (Ichneumonidae, Hymenoptera); Hayes, Alta., Canada.
Obliquebanded Leafroller, Choristoneura rosaceana (Tortricidae, Lepidoptera); B.C., Canada.
Powderpost Beetle, Lyctus planicollis (Lyctidae, Coleoptera); Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Varied Carpet Beetle, Anthrenus verbasci (Dermestidae, Coleoptera); Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
Asian Longhorn Beetle (larva), Anoplophora glabripennis (Cerambycidae, Coleoptera); China.
Springtail, Tomocerus flavescens (Entomobryidae, Collembola); Ottawa, Ont., Canada.
Oriental Rat Flea, Xenopsylla cheopis (Pulicidae, Siphonaptera); Kamloops, B.C., Canada.
Blackfly, Simuliium venustum (Simuliidae, Diptera); Manotick, Ont., Canada.
Nothrid Mite, Nothrus borussicus (Nothridae, Acarina).
Sawfly (larva), Tenthredo sp. (Tenthredinidae, Hymenoptera); Bern, Switzerland.
Dampwood Termite, Zootermopsis angusticollis (Hodotermitidae, Isoptera); Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Mosquito, Aedes stimulans (Culicidae, Diptera); Manotick, Ont., Canada.

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