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Species List for Card Backs

The following list denotes the various insects featured on cards and posters.

The Skaters

Darkling Beetle, Upis ceramboides, Tenebrionidae, Coleoptera.
Short-horned Bug, Scolops sulcipes, Dictyopharidae, Homoptera.
Blister Beetle, Lytta viridiana, Meloidae, Coleoptera.
Bee Fly, Bombylius pygaeus, Bombyliidae, Coleoptera, Diptera.
Carrion Beetle, Nicrophorus tomentosus, Silphidae, Coleoptera.
Predatory Mite, Poecilochirus necrophori, Parasitidae, Acari.
Cat Flea, Ctenocephalides felis, Pulicidae, Siphonaptera.
Midge, Stenochironomus hilaris, Chironomidae, Diptera.
Mole cricket, Gryllotalpidae sp., Gryllotalpidae, Orthoptera.
Weevil, Eusomus ovulum, Curculionidae, Coleoptera.
Stink Bug, Euschistrus tristigmus, Pentatomidae, Hemiptera.
American Dog Tick, Dermacentor variabilis, Ixodidae, Acari.
Garden springtail, Bourletiella hortensis, Sminthuridae, Collembola.
Shore fly, Cirrula gigantea, Ephydridae, Diptera.
Carpenter Bee, Xylocopa aestuans, Anthrophoridae, Hymenoptera.
House Fly, Musca domestica, Muscidae, Diptera.
Uropodid Mite, Uropoda sp. Uropodidae, Acari.
Dung Beetle, Copris elphenorides, Scarabaeidae, Coleoptera.

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