Barry Flahey Fine Arts
Nature Art, Landscapes, Wildlife
Specializing in transparent watercolours,
pastels and pen & ink
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The Predator
Blue Darner attacking Clouded Sulphur (Aeshna canadensis / Colius philodice)
Darner small Blue darner face
Painting on left; closeup on right - click on each image to enlarge
Dragonflies are well equipped for a predatory life. Powerful translucent wings drive them through the air; huge compound eyes track their prey; and spiny legs form a basket to trap their prey in mid-air. This Blue Darner snatched a Sulphur butterfly in mid-air and took it to a nearby branch to dismember and eat it. The painting was drawn and painted accurately through a stereo microscope from pinned specimens. Several live specimens were captured and used for accurate colour replication and then released. The compound eyes lose all colour and depth once the dragonfly has expired and even the abdomen loses some of its brilliance.
This image is being offered in a limited edition of 450 lithographic prints. The overall paper size measures 25.5 by 27.5 inches and includes a 2 inch margin for framing. Printed on archival quality 100% acid-free rag paper, each print comes with a printer attested Certificate of Authenticity.
$95 Canadian. (Includes strong protective cardboard tube for mailing, plus postage.)
Also available as hasti-notes or Christmas cards. Contact the artist for details.