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Christmas Cards & Hasti-Notes

The skills of the scientific illustrator often range far beyond the ability to render accurate and complex drawings for scientific manuals and research papers. Sometimes the rather exacting disciplines of the illustrator require a more "creative" outlet and an opportunity to employ new rendering techniques while still maintaining a propensity for detail and exactness. Many of the drawings shown here have won international awards for design. In some, there are parasitoid / host relationships. Also many pests, both established and recently introduced, can be readily identified. Humour has been introduced to hopefully promote further interest not only for scientists, but students and anyone interested in entomology in general. Not all the insects and mites represented here are drawn to scale. However, they are depicted as accurately as possible with the aid of stereo and compound microscopes. Some were collected by the artist, others were borrowed from the Canadian National Collection, Research Branch, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Ottawa, Canada.

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The Ice Sculpture card
The Christmas Carollers card
The Entomologists' Nightmare card
The Rock Group card
The Ice Sculpture
The Christmas Carollers
The Entomologists' Nightmare
The Rock Group
The Skiers card
The Carol Singers card
The Briefing card
The Roach and Horses card
The Skiers
The Carol Singers
The Briefing
The Roach and Horses
The Toy Department card
The Skaters card
The Reindeer card
The Classroom card
The Toy Department
The Skaters
The Reindeer
The Classroom
The Humanarium card
The Acarology Symposia card
The Tavern card
The Robber Fly card
The Humanarium
The Acarology Symposia
The Tavern
The Robber Fly
The Biting Fly Derby card
The Workshop card
The Iditarod Sled Race card
The Millennium Bugs card
The Biting Fly Derby
The Workshop
The Iditarod Sled Race
The Millennium Bugs
The Coach and Horses card
The Hominid Exhibition card 
The Coach and Horses
The Hominid Exhibition
The Predator 


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