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So, you're experiencing some pain and frustration, huh?  Well, sometimes we just need a break.  I don't have any tips that will take the pain away, but do have some suggestions that will help take your mind off it for a while. So, sit back, have your favorite drink near by, and prepare to forget why you're here.
Online Games
Here are a few sites I've found that have games you can play online for free.  In fact, you can play some of them right here from my site! has several online games and you can earn cash by playing!  Better yet, you can enter to win a computer just by registering with them!  And as Tom Peterson of Portland, OR says, "Free is a very good price!" (If you've seen Mr. Holland's Opus, Tom is the announcer at the parade with a buzz cut.  He owns furniture and electronics stores and is a local icon.)   To get a taste of just one of Uproar's games, Trivia Blitz, go to one of these games:

  • Trivia Blitz - General free-for-all
  • Trivia Blitz Sports - For you sports nuts out there
  • Trivia Blitz Entertainment - Couch potatoes, this is for you!



    Sony Entertainment
    Do you watch Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune  and think, "I can do better than that!"?  Prove it!  You can play these games online, either in a private game or against an online opponent.  No cash prizes here, but it is fun.

  • Jeopardy
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • rose bar
    Stress Relief
  • Color  Get out some coloring books, some crayons and color!  It doesn't matter what age you are, this is a great way to get your feelings out.  Nice long strokes with pastel colors might help relax you, or, scribbling violently outside of the lines might help release some of the frustration you're feeling. Either way, you'll probably feel better when you're done.
  • Here's a cartoon a friend drew for me.  Click on it to access the full image.  Then print and color!

  • Bubbles  Buy some of those bubbles that you can get at the dime store, find a pleasant spot outside on a sunny day and blow those bubbles!  There's just something peaceful about watching those bubbles float around.

  • Play-doh Not only is it nice to mush this stuff around on a table or create little critters with it, but it's a nice thing to squeeze in your fist when you're in pain or very upset.  Sure, you might get some under your fingernails, but it's better than your fingernails digging into the palm of your hand!

  • Play an instrument Okay, this might not work if you don't play one.  I play the piano and I find it to be excellent therapy (as long as I can sit on the bench).  If you don't play, find one of those Nature or Solitudes CDs.  Have them play while reading a favorite book.


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