Survivors of Endometriosis Webring

New as of September 5, 2000
Webring and Yahoo! have integrated.


What does this mean to you? 
It means that if you would like to joing the Survivors of Endometriosis Webring, you must do so through Yahoo.
Go to the Survivors of Endometriosis Webring Page at Yahoo
to join this webring.  You will be required to have a Yahoo! ID.  If you do not have one, you will be guided as to how to get one and how to join this ring.
Currently, the HTML fragment formerly used will still work, but
new members must use the navigation bar provided by Webring.
The following rules still apply with the exception of the graphic rule.
A graphic comes with the navigation bar and you do not need to worry about saving it to your computer.

New as of October 19, 1999
Rules for Joining the Survivors of Endometriosis Webring

Webring must be placed on the page whose URL is submitted.  In other words, do not place webring on a webring page. Sites added to the ring before Oct. 19 are not affected by this rule.
Page on which webring fragment is placed must be about endometriosis or endometriosis links.
Please place the fragment on your page within 14 days of submitting to the webring.  After 14 days, you will be removed from the queue, but you may submit again.
The webring graphic must be saved to your own server.