Fuso Lux

Dave Moulton's frame building experience dates back to 1957 in England where his bikes were used by the British National team and various pro pelotons. He was retained by Reynolds to build the prototype frames of 753 tubing which were tested in the Tour de France.  In 1979, Moulton moved to the USA where he built frames for the Fraysse family's "Paris Sport" marque before moving on to southern California.

In the 1980s, in an attempt to make a semi custom frame at a lower price than his full custom bikes, Moulton introduced a more affordable model under the Fuso label.  In the late 1980s and early 90s, Fusos were built by Moulton and Russell Denny (Russ Denny Bicycles, Temecula, CA) .  Denny apprenticed eight years with Moulton and started his own line of custom built frames in 1995. Moulton left the bicycle business in 1993 and is presently an author. His web site is www.prodigalchild.net.

The bike pictured here is a rare Fuso Lux made out of Reynolds 753 tubing. According to Denny, the Lux model was made on a custom order basis and no more than 10 were built in any one year. This particular example is rare even amongst the Lux model not only because Reynolds 753 was used for the frame material - depending on the size, Fusos were constructed out of Columbus SL, SP, SLX or SPX tubing -  but also lacks the chrome plated front derailleur hanger and chrome plated right chain stay. The bike is outfitted with a complete Mavic group and weighs in at 21 lbs without pedals. (The Shimano brake levers pictured have since been replaced with anodized Mavic levers).


Reynolds 753 was  introduced  in 1976  and  is simply the  heat treated version of the legendary 531 manganese - molybdenum tubeset which was introduced in 1935. The ultimate tensile  strength of  735 is  179,200 psi compared to 121,000 psi for Columbus SLX, a chrome molybdenum steel. To avoid overheating, causing embrittlement, the tubeset must be silver  soldered  or  bonded.   Reynolds  753  frame  builders  required certification from Reynolds before becoming eligible to buy 753 tubesets. The 753 tubeset was discontinued in 2000.

Columbus SL, SLX, SP and SPX are all chrome molybdenum steels known under the trade name, Cyclex. Columbus SL and SP were discontinued in 1994. SP was a heavier version of SL used on larger frames or in the seat tubes of frames made for heavier riders. Columbus SLX and SPX differ from Sl and SP, respectively, by having five helical reinforcements at the butted tube ends imparting greater rigidity to the joint area.




Mavic single pivot with anodized Mavic brake levers by Modolo.

Mavic with clamp on front derailleur.

7 spd.

Mavic 631.

Bottom Bracket:

No Pedals.

Mavic Open Pro 4CD rims with Mavic sealed hubs and skewers.  Michelin Hi-Lite Supercomp H.D.


ITM Italia Super Training. 40 cm c-to-c.


Flite Titanium.

Frame and Fork:

Reynolds 753 tubeset. 49.5 cm seat tube and 52.5 cm top tube (c-to-c). Chrome plated chain hanger and Columbus dropout faces. Brake cable tunnel through top tube. Serial # 2126. Paint by CyclArt (Category 1).

Reynolds 753 with Cinelli integrated fork crown. Chrome plated Columbus dropouts faces.

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