Linearity Detection by Quadrupole Convolution

by Ron Davis

Quadrupole convolution hints about how human vision works, and how machine vision could be improved.

What Quadrupole Convolution Can Do

Quadrupole convolution discerns features of images, that other methods of vision would miss, but also shows some limitations.

How Quadrupole Convolution Works

Theoretical physics of the 19th century offers hints for vision in the 21st century.

The History of Quadrupole Convolution

Linearity detection by quadrupole convolution belongs to no one.

The Future of Field Theory in Vision

The field is wide open for research and exploitation.

The author requests your comments.

Is anyone already using something like quadrupole convolution in

  • the understanding of human vision?
  • the creation of machine vision?
  • any other purpose?

Is any such use in prospect?

Please send your comments.

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