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House Rules for the Tide of Shadows Campaign.
BLOG - Delzimmer


  • Clint Hardwood - Male Human Duskblade
  • Irrstra Baenund - Female Drow/Werespider Scout
  • Lady Antebellum Eversong - Female Chaos Gnome Bard
  • Leliatha "Leeloo" - Female Human Cloistered Cleric/Warlock
  • Rorukk "Rath Skullsmasher" Thagurz - Male Half-Breed (Orc/Aasamir) Barbarian/Fighter
  • Roryn Rockbottom - Male Dwarf Paladin/Cleric

    The Shining South

    The Eastern Shaar

  • MAP - Eastern Shaar
  • Delzimmer

    The Great Rift

  • MAP - The Great Rift
  • The Great Rift
  • MAP - Eartheart & Hammer and Anvil
  • Eartheart
  • Hammer and Anvil


  • Duvik's Pass - plague filled halfling village halfway between Delzimmer and Beluir
  • Beluir

    Merchant Caravans

  • Avan Astra's Caravan

    Adventure Leads and Rumours

    1) Caravans out of Delzimmer to Luiren are being attacked.
       Raiders are composed of goblins orcs and gnolls and seemed to be armed 
       with dwarven made arms and armor.
       The plot to disrupt trade routes at sea using a false lighthouse seems to be instigated 
       by a group called the "Quiet Shadows", some sort of thieves' guild.
       While wandering around the town Krenalir, the group hears that the community is 
       troubled by raiders. Irrstra's interviews a local who indicates that the dwarven 
       merchants may be outfitting the "Raiders" with armaments. Motivation of the dwarves: 
       monopoly on trade, protection racket... 
       Pirates and raiders seem much more active than they have been in the past.  
       The Bog King, in the Mortik Swamp, has begun organizing attacks on caravans 
       in a coordinated fashion.
       Caravan route from Krenalir back to Shoun, it would seem that someone in Krenalir 
       is feeding information about the raiders, as a dozen aquatic ogres and a dozen 
       aquatic trolls were waiting in ambush at the right time and place.
       Near the Focus, party has found a long forgotten ancient dwarven citidel under 
       a hill belonging to the Yvvivor clan.  It seems to have been taken over by ogres
       and trolls (under the leadership of the Bog King?).  Could this be the source of 
       the dwarven made arms and armor that the caravan raiders have been using?
       Aquatic trolls and ogres, gnolls and gnoll aberations are attacking Hin watchtowers
       along the border of Mortik swamp. Our heroes have been sent to rescue those in 
       the third watchtower...
    2) On the route betwwen Beluir and Shoun, discovered a burnt caravan with a dying 
       halfling whose last words claimed to have found the Jade Chalice, North into 
       the mountains at the ruins of Talon Pass. Something attacked them, the colours 
       of it, beautiful like death, scales turned spears and arrows. Took Eldran and 
       Baskara, who are adventurers and sometimes bring small but rare items to sell. 
       Jade Chalice may be linked to Yuan-ti. Talon pass may be pass in the Toadsquat 
       which is filled with Monsters. There is tower at Talon pass which may house 
       the Jade Chalice. Jade Chalice was passed down by royalty in an ancient eastern 
       Heard a rumour that Avan Astra led an adventuring party to retrieve the Jade Chalice
       after the party had confided with him about the information, only to have him
       warn us not to tell anyone about it.
    3) The Luirwood are deep and dark and contain many dangerous animals, and is home 
       to the ghostwise halflings.
       Our heroes are also concerned to hear of terrfying tales of ghost attacks on the 
       local halfling population. Hruldar, a town in Luiren, site of the ghosthin war, 
       worshipping Malar (under attack from nightmare creatures).  
    4) The inhabitants are also buzzing about news of an "Angel falling to earth" in Shoun.  
       Lady A investigates the reports of an "Angel".  Few facts found, just rumours.
       Rescued the Angel had been kidnapped by a tribe of Ogres that did self-grafting
       experience. The angel was brought to its wrecked 'starship' where it stepped into
       a glowing egg and vanished, shortly after the 'starship' self destructed along with
       the mountain top.  There appeared to be some sort of alliance of chaos-aligned 
       creatures and humanoids (even good ones) to stop the 'lawful' angel.
    5) Dambrath, Luirenís western neighbor, has a long history of aggression against 
       Luiren and the Hin.  Though Luiren and Dambrath are currently at peace, 
       Dambrath is massing soldiers at their border and are leading incursions 
       into Hin territory.
    6) Hin are disappearing near the South Luiren Woods.  May be related to 4) above 
       regarding the grafted Ogres who kidnapped the Angel. 

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