Additional Beaux-Arts Buildings not on the Walking Tour

You may wish to visit these buildings independently. They are not on this tour, but include two outstanding and two significant examples of Beaux-Arts architecture.

National Research Council, 100 Sussex Drive at King Edward, (1.5 km north of Union Station., map Y)
Sproatt & Rolph, 1931 III

Tabaret Hall University of Ottawa, facing Cumberland Street north of Laurier, (0.5 km east of Union Station, map X)
Count A.O. von Herbulis, 1904-5, 1914 III

former St. James United Church, now Glebe Community Centre, 690 Lyon Street at 2nd Avenue, (on the Glebe tour)
C.J. Burritt, 1914-24 II

1st Church of Christ Scientist, 288 Metcalfe Street at Gilmour, (on the Centretown tour)
J.P. MacLaren, 1913 II

former Bank of Montreal, 294 Bank Street, at Somerset
Weeks & Keefer, 1908-1909 I

former Bank of Ottawa, now Bank of Nova Scotia, 186 Bank Street
W.E. Noffke, 1906 I

Demolished Buildings:
former Carnegie Public Library, Metcalfe Street, at Laurier
E.L. Horwood, 1905-7 II
former Hunter Building, 50 O'Connor Street, between Queen and Albert
J. Albert Ewart, 1918 I

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