Edwinna von Baeyer

The author of six non-fiction books, Edwinna von Baeyer is an established writer, researcher and editor. She has made major contributions in Canadian landscape history through her books, articles and reports. Due to her pioneering efforts in this area, she has been listed in Canadian Who's Who and Who's Who of Canadian Women and the Ontario Heritage Foundation's Certificate of Achievement for research and writing on Heritage Gardens, 2005.

During her 29 years of freelance work, she has concentrated on landscape history, Canadian history, international development, environmental, forestry, and agricultural issues through work commissioned by government departments, non-governmental organizations and private clients. Taking complex or technical text and transforming it into readable prose for the general public is one of her talents.

For over 29 years, Edwinna has been in business providing government departments, NGOs, business and private clients with a full range of editing services. I have written or edited original text for:

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Professional memberships:

Editor's Association of Canada


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Updated: 15 October 2007