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Canadian Forests -- a collection of Canadian links to wide-ranging forest and forestry-related topics

Canadian Trade Ex -- a forestry database and exposition site

ForestWorld -- reports on Canadian and American forestry news

The West Coast Forestry Industry - a SchoolNet project



Alberta, Sustainable Resource Development

Alberta, Forest Management Manuals and Guidelines

British Columbia, Forest Practices Board

British Columbia, Ministry of Environment

British Columbia Ministry of Forests and Range

British Columbia Forestry Revitalization Trust

Canadian Forest Service (CFS)

CFS-Atlantic Forestry Centre

CFS-Great Lakes, Ontario

CFS-Northern Forestry Centre

CFS- Pacific Forestry Centre

Conservation Ontario

First Nations Forestry Program, Natural Resources Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs

Forest Pathology Herbarium at the CFS Pacific Forestry Centre

Industry Canada - Forest Industries & Building Products

Manitoba Conservation

National Forest Strategy Coalition

New Brunswick, Department of Natural Resources

Newfoundland and Labrador, Department of Natural Resources

Nova Scotia, Department of Natural Resources

Northwest Territories, Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Prince Edward Island: Department of Environment, Energy and Forestry

Quebec, Ministere des ressources naturelles et faune

Saskatchewan, Department of Environment

Small Woodlands Program, British Columbia

The State of Canada's Forests Report

Yukon Territory, Department of Energy Mines and Resources


Universities, Colleges, Technical Training, Research Institutes

Algonquin College, Ontario, Forestry Technician Diploma program

CERFO - College Centre for the Transfer of Technology (CCTT) for forestry and is affiliated with the Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel (CÉGEP) de Sainte-Foy (Quebec, Canada).

Wood Science and Technology, Education and Research, University of British Columbia

College of Alberta Professional Forsters

College of New Caledonia, Forest Resource Technology Program, British Columbia

Confederation College, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Department of Renewable Resources, University of Alberta

Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Home Economics, University of Alberta

Faculty of Forestry and the Forest Environment, Lakehead University

Forintek Canada Corp.

FORREX , workshops and correspondence courses designed for the forest industry

Malaspina University-College, Forest Resources Technology Program, British Columbia

Malaspina University- College, Forestry Extension Program, British Columbia

Maritime Forest Ranger School

Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (PAPRICAN)

Saskatchewan Institude of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST)

Selkirk College, Forestry Technology Diploma Program, British Columbia

Sir Sandford Fleming College, programs in natural resources

Forest Management Institute of British Columbia

Sylva WWW - University of Laval

University of British Columbia - Faculty of Forestry

Department of Forestry and Natural Resource Science,Thompson Rivers University

University of Toronto - Faculty of Forestry

University of New Brunswick, Forestry and Environmental Management

Université de Moncton

Université du Québec & Montréal

University of Northern British Columbia, Faculty of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

University of Victoria Tree-Ring Laboratory


Biodiversity, Ecology, Conservation

Alberta Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Program

Alberta Natural Resources Conservation Board

Bighorn Creek Habitat Improvement project, Alberta

BIOCAP Canada Foundation

Biodiversity in Canada: Ecology, Ideas, and Action, compiled by Stephen Bocking

Canadian Biodiversity Information Network, Environment Canada

Canadian Council on Ecological Areas (CCEA)

Canadian Ecology Centre

Canadian Environmental Protection Act - Environmental Registry

Canadian Forestry Service, ECOLEAP Project

Canadian Nature Federation

Beaty Biodiversity Research Centre , University of British Columbia

Criteria and Indicators: Conserving Biological Diversity, Canadian Council of Forest Ministers

Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network

Ecoforestry Institute Society of Canada

Ecology Action Centre, Nova Scotia

Ecology and Management by Emulating Natural Disturbance, University of Alberta

Environment Canada

Environment Canada, Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Network

Environmental Resource Center - Clearlake

Forest Ecosystems Processes Network, Canadian Forest Service

Forest Ecosystem Research Network of Sites (FERNS), Canadian Forest Service

Forest Stewardship Council, Wildlife Habitat Canada

Forêt d'enseignement et de recherche du Lac Duparquet


Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, Prince Edward Island

Montreal Process Working Group

Nova Scotia Public Lands Coalition

Rocky Mountain Ecosystem Coalition

Valhalla Wilderness Society, British Columbia

Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC)

Wildlands League

Wildlife Habitat Canada

World Wildlife Fund Canada

Forest Genetics and Biotechnology

British Columbia Forest Genetics Council

Canadian Forest Seedling Nurseries and Services Directory

Forest Genetics Ontario

Tree Biotechnology and Advanced Genetics Network, Canadian Forest Service

Tree Seed and Forest Genetics, BC Ministry of Forests and Range

University of Alberta: research into forest genetics and tree improvement


Alberta Forest Products Association

Alberta Registered Professional Foresters Association

Alberta Wilderness Association

Algoma Forest Coalition, an Ontario coalition of stakeholders interested in forests and forestry

Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals

Association of Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick

Blue Lake Forest Education Society

British Columbia Lumber Trade Council

Canadian Environmental Law Association

Canadian Forestry Association

Canadian Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association

Canadian Institute of Forestry

Canadian Lumbermen's Association

Canadian Plywood Association

Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition

Canadian Wildlife Federation

Canadian Window and Door Manufacturers Association

Canadian Wood Council

Canadian Wooodlands Forum

Certified Forest Products Council

Christmas Tree Growers' Association of Ontario

Coast Forest Products Association

Composite Panel Association

Council of Forest Industries

Denman Community Forest Cooperative

Ecoforestry Institute Society

Farm Woodlot Association of Saskatchewan

Forest Action Network

Forest History Society

Forest Industry Suppliers and Logging Association

Forest Products Association of Canada (formerly Canadian Pulp and Paper Association)

Forestry Advisers Network (CFAN) of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)

Forest Policy Network

Forest Extension and Research Partnership (FORREX), British Columbia

Free Trade Lumber Council

Friends of Caren Oldgrowth Forest and Marbled Murrelet Home Page, British Columbia

Greenpeace Canada

United Steelworkers Canada (formerly Industrial, Wood and Allied Workers of Canada)

Integrated Vegetation Management Association of British Columbia

Interior Lumber Manufacturer's Association

Interior Value Added Wood Association

Junior Forest Wardens Association

Manitoba Forestry Association

National Aboriginal Forestry Association (NAFA)

National Wood Window and Door Association

New Brunswick Forest Technician Association (NBFTA)

Northern Interior Vegetation Management Association

Ontario Forest Industries Association (OFIA)

Ontario Forestry Association

Ontario Forestry Safe Workplace Association

Ontario Professional Foresters Association

Ontario Urban Forest Council

Ontario Woodlot Association

Private Forest Landowners Association

Quebec Maple Syrup Producers' Federation

Registered Professional Foresters Association of Nova Scotia

Silva Forest Foundation

Southern New Brunswick Wood Co-op

South Island Woodlot Association

Structural Board Association

Tree Canada Foundation

Trees Ontario Foundation

Truck Loggers Association

Western Red Cedar Lumber Association

Woodlot Association of Alberta (WAA)

Wood Products Group

Woodworking Machinery Importers Association

World Timber Network




Les Aciers J.P.Inc.

Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.

Alliance Forest Products Inc.


Ainsworth Lumber Company, British Columbia

Ara Sales Company, British Columbia


Babine Forest Products

Backwoods Forest Management, British Columbia

Barrett Lumber Company

Broland, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Canadian Forestry Equipment Ltd.


Canwood Furniture Inc., British Columbia

Cascades Inc.

Columbia Forest Products

Col-Pak Containers, Inc.

Commercial Solutions Inc.

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper, Newfoundland

Coulson Manufacturing

Deakin Equipment Ltd.


Enercraft Silva-Saw (portable sawmill)

Les Enterprises Exulon Inc.

Fandrich Cone Harvesters Ltd., harvesting cones by helicopter

Felix Huard inc., Quebec

Ferguson Forest Centre

Finning Ltd.

Foresbec Inc.

ForestCare Corp.

Forest Industry Network

Forest Renewal Co-op Inc.

Forest Technology Group

Frederick Goertz Ltd., British Columbia

Greenwood Forest Products

Groleau inc.

Halltech Environmental Inc.

International Forest Products Limited (INTERFOR)

K&C Silviculture

Kalesnikoff Lumber Company

KHEOPS Forest Products

Kruger Inc.

Laurence-David, Inc.

Lemire Lumber Company Inc.

Lytton Lumber Ltd., British Columbia

Maritime Lumber Bureau

Noramco Wire & Cable

Northeastern Forestry Inc., New Brunswick

Northern Tonewood Company

NexFor (formerly, Noranda Forest Inc.)

Nu-Forest Products (Canada)

Pacific Group

Pacific Regeneration Technologies

Paxton International Resources Ltd.

Pinnacle Pellet Inc.

Pope and Talbot's Canadian Division, British Columbia

Princeton Wood Preservers Ltd.

Prokit Structural Inc., Quebec

Quadco Equipment Inc.

Ram Fire International Inc., a forest fire science consulting company

Reforestation Technologies International

Select Sawmill Co.


C.A. Spencer Inc.

Syncra Wood Products

Tembec, Quebec and Ontario

Thompson Forest Management, British Columbia

Timberland Supply Co. Ltd.


Tsuga Forestry, British Columbia

L'Univers Forestier inc. / The Forest Universe Inc., Quebec

Upper Canada Forest Products, Ontario

Valley Machine Works, New Brunswick

Veneer Systems Inc.

Western Forest Products Limited

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

Western Heritage Services Inc.

West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.

West-NorthWest Forestry Ltd.

Weyerhaeuser Canada

Weyerhaeuser Canada's 20-year forest management plan


Forest Products

Botanical Forest Products in British Columbia: An Overview

Forest Industries and Building Products (Industry Canada)

Wood Based Panel Products: Technology Roadmap (Industry Canada)



Atlantic Forestry Review

British Columbia Government Publications

Canadian Forest Industries

Canadian Forest Service Bookstore

The Canadian Journal of Forest Research, National Research Council of Canada

Canadian Wood Products

Canadian Woodworking

Ecology and Society Journal

Crow's Forest Industry Journal

Forest Fire in Canada

Fire and Rescue Bookstore

The Forest Shop, based in Canada, markets books of interest to the forestry sector

Forestry Chronicle

Forestry Today

Logging and Sawmilling Journal

Madison's Canadian Lumber Reporter

National Forestry Database Program

A Primer on Forest Harvesting

Random Lengths

Solutions Toward Sustainable Forests at Home and Abroad, published by the Canadian Forest Service

SpruceRoots, a monthly journal that provides information sustainability issues that affect Haida Gwaii

Value-Created Review


Forest Fire

Alberta Forest Protection

Forest Fire in Canada

Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System

Fire Danger Rating Map, British Columbia

FireWeb -- Fire Service related links

Forest Protection Limited

Remsoft Inc.

Tower Aerospace Inc.

Weekly Fire Situation Report, Canadian Forest Service

Wildfire Statistics, British Columbia

Wildland Fire Operations Research Centre, FERIC

Forest Management

ALDATA Software Management

Athol Forestry Cooperative Limited, Nova Scotia

British Columbia Forestry Information

Growth and Yield Monitoring: Discussion Paper, British Columbia

Jensen Information Technologies Inc. is an electronic publisher of regulatory information for British Columbia's forestry sector

Macdonald Inspection Services Ltd.

Mixedwood Growth Model, University of Alberta

Paper Birch Manager's Handbook for British Columbia

A Provincial Correlation of Regional Forest Vegetation Potential and Brush Hazard Interpretations

Managing Vegetation in Provincial Forests, British Columbia

Sheep Grazing Guidelines for Managing Vegetation on Forest Plantations in British Columbia

Guidelines for Developing Stand Level Management Regimes, British Columbia

Technology Roadmap for Forest Operations in Canada, Industry Canada


Western Boreal Growth and Yield Co-operative, University of Alberta



Alternatives to Conventional Clearcutting, British Columbia

Canadian Silviculture Association

Opax Mountain Silvicultural Systems Research Project, British Columbia

PRT Group

Sicamous Creek Silvicultural Systems Research Project, British Columbia

Testing Silvicultural Systems for the ESSF: Lucille Mountain, British Columbia

Treeline Reforestation Inc

Tree Wounding and Partial Cut Harvesting, British Columbia

Wilderness Reforestation


Sustainable Forests


Canadian Certification Standards

Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition

Certified Forest Products Council

Criteria and Indicators of Sustainable Forest Management in Canada, Canadian Forest Service

Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Act

Forest Practices Code of British Columbia Guidebooks

Forest Stewardship Council (Canada)

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Made-in-Canada Standards for Sustainable Forestry, Canadian Pulp and Paper Association

The Poplar Council of Canada (PCC)

Sustainable Forest Management Network, University of Alberta

Sustainable Forestry and Certification Watch

Vancouver Island Land Use Plan

Windhorse Farm, Nova Scotia



Canadian Intersite Decomposition Experiment, Canadian Forest Service

Canadian Soil Classification

Canadian Soil Information System

Canadian Soil Quality Guidelines

Canadian Society of Soil Science


Soils of Canada

Insects and Disease

Aphids of British Columbia

Common Tree Diseases of British Columbia

Exotic Wood-boring Beetles in British Columbia: Interceptions and Establishments

Insects and Diseases of Eastern Canada's Forests

Major insect pests, CFS

Root Disease Management Guidebook

Surveys of Forest Health in Managed Stands in British Columbia, 1992

Using a Geographical Information System for the Input and Analysis of Historical Western Spruce Budworm in British Columbia

Research Forests and Research Centres

Boreal Forest Web Site

Canadian Forestry Researchers Directory links forestry researchers in Canada as well as provides the capability to locate and contact experts working in forestry research.

Centre for Advanced Wood Processing, University of British Columbia

Centre for Northern Forest Ecosystem Research, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Dufferin County Forest

Falls Brook Centre

FOR@C Research Consortium (e-business)

Forest Engineering Research Institute of Canada (FERIC)

Forestry Research Partnership

Forintek Canada Corp., does research for Canada's solid wood products industry

Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre, New Brunswick

Laurentian Forestry Centre

Macphail Woods Ecological Forestry Project, Prince Edward Island

Northern Forest Research and Extension Partnership, British Columbia

Northern Wetback Forests of British Columbia

Petawawa Research Forest, Ontario

Forest Research Branch, government of British Columbia

Rose Creek Education Forest, near Edmonton, Alberta, used by the Department of Renewable Resources and others in the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry & Home Economics, University of Alberta, for teaching, research, and demonstration.

The University of British Columbia, Faculty of Forestry maintains two research forests -- Malcolm Knapp Research Forest and the Alex Fraser Research Forest near Williams Lake.


Model Forest Network

Model Forest Program / Programme de forets modeles

Eastern Ontario Model Forest

Foothills Model Forest

Fundy Model Forest

Lake Abitibi Model Forest

Bas-Saint-Laurent Model Forest

Manitoba Model Forest

McGregor Model Forest

Nova Forest Alliance

Prince Albert Model Forest

Waswanipi Cree Model Forest

Western Newfoundland Model Forest

Special project areas: Vancouver Island Non-timber Forest Products Project; PEI Model Forest Network Partnership Ltd.; Labrador/Nitassinan Ecosystem-based forest Management Plan

Geographical Information Systems, GIS software and other software

ALDATA Software Management

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (CCRS)

Earth Imaging Technologies Inc.

FORCE/Robak Associates Ltd.

Geosurface Technologies

GIS, BC Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management

JRP Consulting Ltd.

LandData British Columbia

Linnet Geomatics International

Porter Engineering (PEL) Systems

Provincial Digital Biogeoclimatic Subzone/Variant Mapping, British Columbia

Remsoft Inc.

Safe Software Inc. - data translation solutions

Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.

Softree Technical Systems Inc.



Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre

Trees of Ottawa - a photographic index of tree species in Ottawa, Ontario


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