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Who is Morrice?

dotOne of the most famous Canadian painters (1865-1924)
dotHe spent all of his active life in Paris, with frequent visits back to his homeland
dotAn avid traveler, he painted wonderful atmospheric views of Canada (Montréal and Québec), France, Venice, Morroco and the West Indies
dotBiography, with more paintings
dotSlide Show

Femme au Lit

La Plage, Paramé

The Ferry, Québec
Femme au lit
ca 1897
La plage, Paramé
ca 1902
The Ferry, Québec

My Research


Morrice was the subject of my M.A. Thesis (Université de Montréal, 1980). I still maintain a computer database of all his paintings. This project, started in 1975, now comprises over 1000 paintings and watercolors. The information is made available to collectors, researchers and Museum curators.


book cover
J.W. Morrice
Author: Lucie Dorais
National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Artists Series,1985
89 pages, 60 plates in black and white and color
ISBN 0-88884-525-1, CDN 8,95 $ (plus Taxes)
OUT OF PRINT, check ABE.com for second-hand copies

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