Fall is the time for fleet discounts with North Sails. Henry McCray has provided us with some prices - if a group purchase can be put together by the end of October we would be getting a discount over and above the fall prices listed below. Minimum 10 sails for a discount - that shouldn't be too hard to do. All sails are from the patterns developed by Tof.

DT-1 Mainsail $670 cdn $485 usd
(incl flutter patches, leechline, tell tales, numbers, jib window, cunningham ring, choice of tack ring or tack bolt)

HT-1 Jib $309 cdn $225 usd
(incl flutter patches, tell tales, vision window, choice of luff wire, luff tape, or hanks)

HR-1 Spinnaker $450 cdn $325 usd
(class spinnkaer, .6oz Polyester construction, choice of colors)

FULL SUIT: $1429 cdn $1035 usd


Mainsail: $625cdn
Jib: $285cdn
full suit: $1285cdn

Please contact Henry McCray directly - HRMccray@aol.com (843)744-7245