Class Overview

photo1 The International Fireball is a high performance two person dinghy. It has wide appeal as it is reasonably priced and fun to sail. It is also fast, wet, exhilarating and totally useless for cruising with no place to put the gas barbecue.

At 175Ibs the Fireball is the lightest 16' one design class in North America. It is easily lifted by two people and is a breeze to trailer and launch. The spirit of the rules is to promote racing in as close to identical boats as possible. The sail plan and hull are one-design but the class rules allow you to position and adapt gear to suit your own weight, height and rig preferences. Sails and masts are available from all the major suppliers.

The speed of the Fireball is unequalled in boats with 13'3" waterline lengths. The speed is derived from its light weight, fast planing surfaces, and low windage combined with its highly efficient 123 sq.ft. sail plan. With a spinnaker, trapeze, and the ability to plane in 12 knots of breeze, the crew of a Fireball never gets a chance to be bored.

photo1 With the IYRU tightening of the qualifications for International and World Championship status, Fireball easily maintains its ranking. At present there are more than 14,600 Fireballs registered in over 25 countries. Licensed builders worldwide are constantly taking orders for new boats.

If your interest lies in local,national, or international racing, International Fireball provides active racing venues worldwide. World and Continental Fireball Championships are organized every year and have no doubt helped in increasing the tremendous spread and popularity of the class.

The Canadian Fireball Association maintains a full racing schedule across Canada. Major championships such as the Nationals and North Americans alternate yearly from east to west. On and off the water race training seminars are popular and help keep the class competitive for newcomers and pros alike.

Originally designed to be built in wood, the home builder will find the Fireball relatively easy to build.Building plans are available from the Canadian Fireball Association. Fireball builders have always been at the forefront of dinghy construction technique. With the new technology in cored-fibreglass construction using epoxy resins, E-glass, kevlar and vacuum bagging, professionally built boats are just as competitive as wood with the added attraction of easy, carefree maintenance.

Giving remarkable performance at a moderate cost, the Fireball is a class for today; one that appeals to sailors of all ages,of all sizes, and of all weights.

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Overall Length  ............16'2"
Hull Weight ..............175Ibs
Main......................88 sq.ft.
Jib ......................35 sq.ft.
Spinnaker ...............140 sq.ft.
Trapeze ....................single
Average crew weight ...275-325 Lbs
Designer ..............Peter Milne

Fireball Gear

West System Plans:
   $75.00 CAN + $9 Shipping & Handling
   $48.00 US + $10 Shipping & Handling (Surface Post, $31 US for Fedex)
"Mini-Plans", reduced full-scale plans .. $15.00 CAN
All plans include class rules and measurement forms.

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