Eastern Regatta Schedule ('98)

The following email was sent to the Fireball North American mailing list, plus selected others, on October 21 1997.

Subject:   Fireball Eastern Regatta Schedule

Firstly, this email has been sent to the North American Fireball email
list plus assorted others on the 'cc list.    If you are not on the list, 
I'd encourage you to subscribe by simply sending an email to
with the subject
      subscribe fireball_na

Don't worry about being flooded with email - this is a very low volume
list.  But its a useful method of discussing subjects such as regatta

Now to the important subject.  I seem to have found myself in the position
of Ontario VP of the Fireball Ass'n.  There have been emails going back and
forth between a few of us regarding the eastern Fireball regatta schedule.

The Canadians are due to come east, probably to Montreal, Ottawa, or Toronto.
There should also be a major US regatta in the east, either the US Nationals
or (as Henry has proposed) the Eastern Seaboards.

Under debate is whether 'tis better to put these two major events on back-to-
back weekends (encouraging people to travel from the west for them) or 
whether its better to separate them.

Lets have some discussion!

And if any Westerners are thinking about coming East, we'd sure like your
views too.

By the way, here's a quick look at how the eastern schedule is shaping up.
Anyone got anything to add?

Midwinters             DIYC (Tampa)  2nd or 3rd weekend of March
Spring Fling           JIYC          April  (Henry - details?)
Ice Breaker            TS&CC         May 23/24
Fireball Demo Day      TS&CC or NYC  May 30/31
Tarts & Balls          TS&CC         June 6/7
June Bug               Fanshaw       June 13/14
this will also be a rain date for demo day in Toronto
LSSA                   Toronto?      June 20/21
Midland-Walwyn         Ottawa (NSC)  mid-June  TBD
Sam Meyers Memorial    Ohio          mid-July
Screwball              Montreal      2nd or 3rd weekend in Sept
Fanfare                Ottawa (NSC)  2nd or 3rd weekend in Sept

Eastern Regionals      Seaford, VA   October
(also under discussion if they should be held in Pymatuning Ohio)
Pumpkin Regatta        Fanshaw       Cdn Thanksgiving weekend (October)

Canadian Nationals     Ottawa, Montreal, or Toronto  TBD

Ontario Provincials    Ottawa or Toronto   TBD

Quebec Provincials     Montreal?  TBD

plus a southern circuit that Henry is proposing.