Dave Wallace (driver) and Dana Seymour (crew)

Written by Ian Maclaren

Dave and Dana were Ontario fleet members who sailed out of the Water Rats club. Both worked at North Sails Toronto, and later moved to Vancouver(?). They have been past Ontario champs, Canadian champs, and Mid-Winter champs.

Here's a couple of "war stories" I remember about Dave and Dana:

1. Returning from a US regatta in their van, they were blasted by the horn of a car speeding up beside them. The car was alerting them to the fact that their double decker trailer had released from the van several miles back. Expecting the worst, they headed the van back up the road to find their trailer, with boats and masts sitting peacefully at the side of the road as if placed there purposely.

2. One for the Crew's Union:
Back in mid-70's ('73?) Dave and Dana were one of two crews from Canada at the World's in France. Having prepared seriously for the regatta for over a year they had a chance of achieving a best ever finish for Canadians. Unfortunately, a few days into the pre-Worlds Dana got sick, was hospitalized and ending up having his appendix removed. Dave had to pick up a local crew to complete the regatta and without Dana managed only mediocre finishes. (I've got a feeling that this is more acurately described and with more of the fun highlights in an old Canadian Fireball Newsletter or Ontario Fireball Newsletter - if I find these kicking around I'll pull them out to see what other stuff may be fun to resurrect).