Pat Crump

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Pat Crump has a larger-than-life reputation in the Fireball fleet. That is until you meet him. Then you realize that the reputation is probably under-stated.

Pat has been sailing Fireballs for longer than nearly everybody else on this side of the Atlantic. He started out in the Long Island fleet, and is currently living near Atlanta. Not much sailing happens in Atlanta, so now most of his Fireball racing is restricted to those regattas that are worth driving long distances to. He faithfully turns up at the mid-winters at Tampa every year, arriving in style with his '66 Mustang and then setting up the "Crump Condo" - a large tent and collection of tarps that keeps going and going and going...

What can really be said about Pat? This is a man who, according to eye-witness accounts,

In short, we are glad there's only one Pat Crump in the fleet. But we are also glad that there is one. He can be both a Southern Gentleman and a scoudrel, often both at the same time. If you haven't met him yet, keep sailing Fireballs long enough and you'll be sure to. He'll probably outlast all of us.

This can't be all there is to say about Pat. Don't be afraid - send me your stories!