The Legend of ACME Labs

Contributed by G2

Seeing as how I've only been in this fleet for a couple, well 6 or so years, I cannot tell quite the wowers that the legendary Crump has enlightened us with! However I've seen some seriously interesting things in my still young escapades. Most of them start with Henry. Since at one time or another he has been my instuctor, coach, partner, skipper, crew (yes a few times), and all around best friend he was there and started most of it. So here it is a brief story of the boys at team AcmeLabs.

When I was a boy, knee high to me fathers kilt I was sailing the evil plastic monsters sent up from hell. Otherwise know as the Laser family. Rescued from this certain life of damnnation by a very heavy wood decked thing that had a number somewhere in the 6,000 range. Out of this AcmeLabs were born.

What other team (in recent history PAT!) has been known for such things as:

Now that Good old Henry has decided to build all glass boats (ounce again we think we can do it better than those silly English types) and I'm driving now, Acme labs has new members and young ideas. Lets see what they come up with!

Gary 2nd
Team AcmeLabs USA

P.S. If anyone can think of any good stories about us I'd love to hear them. I fried that half of my brain!